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By Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada
May 05, 2015
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CalcaneovalgusCalcaneovalgus is a foot condition in which a child’s foot points upward and outward. It is a positional foot deformity that is usually caused by crowding when the baby is still in utero. Sparks, NV parents who are worried about childhood foot deformities should see a podiatrist, which is a doctor who specializes in the feet and ankles.

Who gets Calcaneovalgus?

Calcaneovalgus occurs in about 5% of babies. It is also more common in first babies and in girls though no one knows quite why. The most severe cases only occur in about 1 out of every 1000 births. Calcaneovalgus can affect either one or both feet. It is not likely to cause any pain or discomfort to the child.

How is it Diagnosed?

When your child is born, the hospital staff will perform a physical examination of your newborn to ensure that they are healthy. During this time, your child’s feet and legs will be inspected for congenital abnormalities. Calcaneovalgus would be discovered at this time.

Treatment for Calcaneovalgus

Most cases resolve on their own within a few months of birth. Your Sparks podiatrist will recommend stretching exercises, usually performed at diaper changes, to help expedite the process. If your child’s calcaneovalgus persists after a few months, your podiatrist may recommend treatments which could include a splint or a possible leg cast in the most severe cases. If calcaneovalgus is left untreated and does not resolve on its own, it could cause issues with your child’s balance and walking. It’s important to talk to your podiatrist if your child’s calcaneovalgus does not respond to treatment.

In most cases, Calcaneovalgus is not a condition that should worry parents. It will usually go away on its own and is highly treatable. If you are concerned about your child’s foot development, talk to a podiatrist who specializes in treating children. Ford Center for Foot Surgery in Sparks, NV offers treatment for calcaneovalgus and other childhood foot and ankle problems. Schedule your appointment today.