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By Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada
September 26, 2019
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What Is Metatarsalgia?

If simply taking steps is painful, you may be suffering from Metatarsalgia.

It's normal for your feet to ache after standing for hours on end or pounding the pavement for miles, but persistent pain is a sign that something might be wrong. Dr. L. Bruce Ford and Dr. Douglas Doxey of the Foot and Ankle Institute of Nevada can walk you through the risk factors, signs and solutions for Metatarsalgia.

What is Metatarsalgia?

The metatarsals are the small bones connecting your toes to your ankles. Small nerves are located between these bones, and pressure on the nerve can cause inflammation, or Metatarsalgia. The condition largely affects the ball of your foot, leaving you with shooting pains, a burning sensation, tingling or numbness. The pain could come on gradually or rapidly and is often exacerbated by putting weight on your foot.

What causes Metatarsalgia?

There are many things that can increase your risk or predilection for the condition. Wearing shoes that are too tight or narrow, especially heals, and high impact exercises like jumping and running are potential causes. If you are overweight, that can put more pressure on your foot as well. Having a high arch or stiff ankle also adds pressure. Older individuals are at increased risk of Metatarsalgia because your foot pads tend to loose cushioning as you age. Arthritis or diabetes can also increase your chance of developing foot pain.

How do I treat Metatarsalgia?

Needing surgery to cure your foot pain is not likely, especially when you are diligent about following your doctor's advice. Your Sparks, NV specialist will likely recommend one or more of the following.

  • Try shoe insoles to ease or distribute pressure on your foot
  • Avoid wearing high heeled shoes for prolonged periods of time. Choose footwear with a roomy toe box
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Take adequate time off from activity after foot injuries
  • Elevate your feet when resting
  • Try an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication
  • Exercise your ankles

If foot pain is preventing you from being up and active, call your Sparks, NV specialist today at 775-331-1919.