By Foot & Ankle Institue of Nevada
July 08, 2015
Category: Podiatry
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Playing sports can be an excellent way to get some exercise and take good care of your body, but it can also lead to injuries and unexpected trips to your podiatrist at The Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada in Sparks, NV if you aren't careful. Don't leave your feet at risk.Sports Here are five steps you need to take to protect your feet every time you play.

1. Wear the Proper Footwear

Proper footwear doesn't just protect your feet; it can also help prevent falls, injuries and blisters. Choose shoes that are suitable for the sport you are playing and the surface you are playing on. Furthermore, make sure your shoes fit properly with enough room for your toes.

2. Invest in Moisture-Wicking Socks

Blisters aren't just painful; they can also take you out of the game. Prevent them by investing in moisture-wicking socks. These specially formulated socks help draw sweat and moisture away from your feet, making blisters less likely to form.

3. Warm Up

Warming up doesn't just prepare you mentally; it helps your body prepare physically as well. Skip warm-up exercises and you are far more likely to fall, trip or get injured. Even if you are running low on time, be sure to complete at least a partial warm-up routine every time.

4. Pay Attention

Another common source of sports injuries is simply not paying attention. As you are running, watch where you are going. Be on the lookout for other players you might collide with, flying equipment that might hit you and uneven ground you might trip over. This will help you avoid it.

5. See Your Podiatrist if You Have Pain

Lastly, if you do have a sports injury, don't try to just play through it. Doing so will only worsen your condition. Instead, visit your podiatrist at The Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada in Sparks, NV to get the care and treatment you need to get you back out on the field as quickly as possible.

Foot injuries are inconvenient, painful and often expensive to treat. It is much better to avoid them in the first place if you can. These five tips from your podiatrist at The Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada in Sparks, NV will help you do just that.