By Foot & Ankle Institue of Nevada
September 17, 2015
Category: Podiatry
Tags: Dry Feet  

While a minor case of dry feet can often be treated at home, for more serious cases of dry feet, a trip to your podiatrist at The Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada in Sparks, NV may be necessary. Dry feet aren't just uncomfortable and unsightly; they can also leave you at Dry Feetrisk for more significant medical problems. Here are three ways your Sparks, NV podiatrist can help.

1. Identify the Cause of Your Dry Feet

Dry feet can be caused by a number of factors, and until you figure out what is causing yours, finding an effective treatment may prove difficult. Common causes of dry feet include age, weight, occupation, poor nutrition, inadequate footwear and certain medical conditions such as thyroid disease, eczema and diabetes. Your podiatrist will discuss your risk factors and symptoms with you to help identify the cause of your dry feet.

2. Address Any Existing Conditions

As if your dry feet weren't uncomfortable enough, they may occur alongside other common foot conditions as well. If so, your Sparks, NV podiatrist will want to treat them. For example, if you have corns or calluses, your podiatrist may need to shave them down. If your dry skin has led to an infection, your podiatrist may prescribe a medication.

3. Develop a Treatment Plan

Once the cause of your dry feet has been identified and other foot conditions have been addressed, your podiatrist at The Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada in Sparks, NV will work with you to manage or eliminate your skin's dryness once and for all.

Common dry foot treatments your podiatrist may recommend include foot creams, lotions, oils and petroleum jelly. Your podiatrist may also recommend that you take fewer showers, turn down the water temperature in the shower or switch to a milder soap. Increasing your water intake can help as well.

If your dry skin isn't responding to at-home treatment, you don't have to live with it forever. Call The Foot & Ankle Institute of Nevada in Sparks, NV and schedule an appointment to see your podiatrist today. Your feet with thank you.